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Arcanum Main Theme

Arcanum, main theme


New AdditionsEdit

This is the state of the Wiki as of 24 August 2016:

  1. The new custom character sheet for the Arcanum campaign is available. Download the custom sheet HERE! (PDF)
  2. See the page A Brief History of Arcanum for the new world maps.
  3. A collection of lore-friendly books from the world of Arcanum can be found HERE! (PDF)
  4. Minor (non game-altering) changes to the Shaman page.

Change LogEdit

  1. Just added Arland's foundation (A Brief History of Arcanum), 25 Aug 16
  2. Fixed the "Touch of Providence" ability for the Priest (the description for its AC bonus didn't make sense), 26 Aug 16

Still to come!Edit

  1. the last two of the Sorcerer's Acuity options (Visitant, and Wilder)
  2. finishing up A Brief History of Arcanum (foundation of Arland; current state of Dernholm, Tarant, Vendigroth, the cultures of the Glimmering Forest, and Tulla)
  3. Inventor's schematics (will be ongoing throughout campaign)

The World of ArcanumEdit

Quick Reference: The Player Races
Dwarf Elf Gnome Halfling
Half-elf Half-ogre Half-orc Human
Melokaan Esee

Adventuring ClassesEdit

Prestige Classes

NPC ClassesEdit

Other ResourcesEdit

  • This campaign (Arcanum: The Pathfinder Paradox) is a campaign for Paizo's d20 Pathfinder game system. (
  • A great resource for the Pathfinder system: The d20 Pathfinder SRD (
  • This campaign is being written by Freswinn, using source material from "Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura" from Troika Games and Sierra Entertainment (2001).

Other projects by Freswinn:

Quest for Glory: The Path of the Hero

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